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Audi Maintenance Tips – A Little Effort and Self-Awareness

Audi Maintenance Tips – A Little Effort and Self-Awareness

Audi Maintenance Tips

Every year, the brand Audi makes many high-quality and high-performing cars. Created with expert level craftsmanship, materials, and tools, it requires proper maintenance schedule to make it safe running on the road. Keeping your Audi running smooth starts with a great design and build, but without maintenance, even the best-built cars will start to slack in the performance department. Audi owners must schedule regular maintenance services with their German automotive service in SeaTac, WA to ensure optimal performance and have pleasant driving experience. So, here is a list of regular maintenance tips to ensure proper functioning of your Audi cars.

Engine Maintenance

  • Change components such as snub mount, Loctite thread locking compounds, O-rings, and seals when getting your timing belt serviced.
  • Check whether the water pump is leaking and if so, determine the source of the leakage by taking off the splash pan.

Brake System Maintenance

  • Change the brake fluids every 30,000 mile or 3 years as it saves you more time, minimize hassle and cost go ahead. You can also change the brake oil whenever the rotor or brake pads are being replaced.
  • In Audi cars, there is a special brake pad warning light that will signify that the front brakes and rotors should be replaced within the next 3,000 miles. But, there are no sensors for the rear brake. So, consider changing them whenever you hear a metal on metal sound or feel a vibration when braking.

Suspension Maintenance

  • If you hear any humming sounds that change pitch at different speeds, then it’s time to replace wheel bearings.
  • Changing power steering fluid is very important and must be done every 30000 miles.
  • If you are experiencing any handling issues with the ball joints, it needs an immediate replacement.

Transmission Maintenance

  • Replace the transmission fluid and filter if you are having trouble shifting. The fluid must also be replaced every 30,000-60,000 miles.

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